You've asked...

How many passengers does the Silver Wraith carry?

There's room for three on the back seat, plus one in the front with the driver.

Can you carry children?

The law is very clear on this one:  we are not allowed to carry any child under three years old.   From three years old, until the child has reached either 12 years old or 135cm in height, children may be carried in the back of our car, but not the front.  Please note that this car is not equipped with seat belts, and child seats or booster cushions cannot be used.

My gran's housebound, so can't come to the wedding. Could we drive past her house?

Yes, of course - depending on the distance and the timings.   Talk to us!

Could you take us to the airport after the reception?

Sorry - no.   The Private Hire licensing people tell us that this does not count as "wedding" use, so we'd be neither licensed nor insured.