Let's find out more

You may have already seen us at a wedding event or a friend's wedding, but whether you have or not you are welcome to make an appointment to call round to see the cars and to talk about your needs.

If you wish, we will then provisionally reserve the date for you, and we will send you a written confirmation of your requirements and the price.   If you return the booking form to us within ten days, with a non-returnable booking fee, we will confirm the booking - and that's something else ticked off your list.

We'll get in touch again a few weeks before the big day to confirm everything and to request the balance of the price.

Contact us

The best way:

Phone 01332 872450
(8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days)


with some outline information - when? where? who? what? - and so on, and a preferably a contact phone number.